A Letter To My Angel

My dearest Baby,

It’s been one year since we said our earthly goodbyes to you, and as painful as that was, it only feels like just yesterday. Not only do I remember the day I lost you, but I remember, just as well, the happiness you brought us when I found out we were expecting! I remember the joy I felt when I read the word “positive.” I tried so hard to surprise your dad with the exciting news, but I just could not wait to tell him! I remember sprinting up the stairs to wake him up, and show him what I had just read. Oh, how I wish you could have seen his face 🙂

I did not write to you sooner because I could not quite put into words what I was truly feeling- besides how badly I was hurting. Since the year has passed, so much has happened. However, there is not a day that goes by when I am not reminded of you. I see you in your precious baby brother and sister. I see you when I look at your first picture in my tummy.  I feel your presence when I reminisce of our short time together.

I can not wait to meet you face to face one day, and finally be able to hold you in my arms. We did not get to experience the first time you moved, together, but I know you are running around in heaven today.

I am at peace when I think about everything you would have accomplished in life, because you have already proved that to me. Just in your short time on Earth you taught your daddy and I so much. You taught us responsibility, and patience. Like having to wait until 10 weeks to see you for the first time. You showed us that no matter what we have plans for, God can still have a different one. You taught us how to grieve, and heal as a couple. You helped us to love each other in a whole new way.

The day we suffered your death was the worst day of my life, but without you I would not be able to thank you for your precious siblings. You made my wildest dreams come true, by making me a mommy for the first time. Our time apart is so small compared to the life we will live together in eternity. You will always be my baby, and I will love you forever. D5C8BEEF-CF5A-4B98-BC37-0E50D71AF4A7

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