3 Month Update

Three months old?!?ALREADY?! The days fly by. I feel like I blink and another month passes. A lot has happened the last three months. Their little personalities are starting to show themselves, they are learning so much, and gaining weight like champs! Now I understand how much a baby grows and changes, in such a short amount of time.


3 Months

Eating: I have been exclusively nursing Harlow and Myles, so for now they pretty much eat whenever they want. πŸ˜‰ The first month they were eating almost every hour!! Now, it’s slowed to about every two or three during the day. At this stage they are going through so many growth spurts that I would never want to give them anything less than they need to keep growing. (You can not overfeed a breastfed baby.) Plus the extra feedings during the day give us more bonding time together!!!

Sleep: One of the biggest blessings we have been given throughout this new journey is sleep! HALLELUJAH!!

Do not get time wrong the first month or so was rough! Sleep deprivation is no joke. I know it sounds pathetic, but this was one of my biggest fears when I found out we were having twins. I am such a sleeper, and wondered how I was going to function. However, our bodies definitely try and prepare us for the lack of sleep we are about to endure. I remember waking up every few hours, in the final weeks of my pregnancy, and would just stare at the ceiling. One of those times would be around 2:00 a.m. When the babies were born one of the times they would always eat was at 2:00 a.m. Aren’t our bodies amazing?!?

From the first day we brought them home they slept, wrapped in a Muslin Swaddle Blanket. We put them in their Boppy Lounger during the day. That way they were not getting soothed by motion. I felt like this would be an easier transition into a crib and sleeping in their bassinet at night. In the Halo Bassinest for the first few weeks they were wearing a Fleece sleepsack.

Since they were waking up so often at nighttime, and sometimes sleeping three hour stretches during the day we wondered if it was the loungers making the difference. (Their bassinet was flat compared to the lounger that is slightly elevated.) Being sleep deprived parents we decided to sleep on the couch at night, so they could sleep in their loungers. It was nice for a temporary fix, but we knew it would not last much longer because our backs were really missing our Tempur-Pedic mattress. LOL!

Around two months old I went on a mission to find a better solution to nighttime sleeping. I read A LOT of reviews for different sleep aids (swaddles, beds, etc.) I quickly found a common theme of mothers who were swearing by the Snuggle Me (which fit in their bassinet) and Love to Dream swaddle. If I could do one thing over. I would have used those from the very beginning. (Now I know for our next baby.)

The first few nights with those two new products they began sleeping three hour stretches! Then about the fifth day they slept a five hour stretch. I remember checking the time, and freaking out! It was such a nice refresher!! Now I know at this point they had doubled their birth weight, so I m sure that plays a part. However, I will still be one of those moms who swears by the Snuggle Me and Love to Dream swaddle. Since that five hour stretch, the next night they slept for eight hours, and we have not looked back since!!! πŸ™‚

They are napping about four times/ day for about 1.5-2 hours. However, their first nap is usually 3-3.5 hours. They love their stroller and car rides, so they always fall asleep in their car seats. I just do not keep them up for over an hour after they eat. They have not outgrown their loungers yet, so they are still wrapped in a muslin swaddle with a pacifier and the noise machine on ocean, which is on at bedtime too.

I do not let them sleep for more than a 20 minute difference between each other. That’s kept them on basically the same schedule!!

Here is a sample schedule of our day:

7:30: Wake up/ Nurse

8:00: Play (Tummy time)

8:30: Nap

11:30: Nurse

12:00: Play

12:30: Nap

2:00: Nurse

2:30: Play

3:00: Nap

5:00: Nurse

5:30: Walk/Outside time

(Sleep on a walk)

8:00: Nurse

(Bath every other night)

9:30: Nurse & Bed

The time varies from day to day. Just depending on how long they nap, or how often they want to eat. From the very beginning we have tried to keep a consistent schedule. *Consistency with babies helps them to adapt easier to the chaos of everyday life. I will start a more strict schedule when they are about six months old, and eating other food! I also make sure they are eating at least six times during the day since they are not getting those nighttime feedings anymore.


Harlow is rolling from tummy to back, so now it is basically impossible to keep her on her tummy. Myles has improved a lot with tummy time, but is not quite rolling over. They are both able to grasp toys, follow an object, sucking on their hands like crazy (Myles is trying to suck his thumb) and bearing weight on their legs. They are cooing, giggling and social smiling.

Side notes:

Harlow got a case of the hives around 13 weeks old. After two days on children’s Claritin they had not cleared, so we went to plan B assuming it was something she was eating. I went one week without dairy (one of the most common allergies) giving her body enough time to rid of it all then reintroduced it. Only to find that they did not come back again and they have not since. Our doctor just said, “sometimes babies get hives and it is never discovered why.”

Thank you so much for reading my 3 month update on Harlow and Myles!! I hope you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

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