6 Month Twin Update

Since I have had the twins time has taken on a whole new meaning for me. At the end of every week I have found myself saying, “where did the time go?”

Now here we are 6 months later, and I feel like I’ve barely blinked, and they are already learning how to crawl. At nearly 18 pounds I have the slightest recollection of the 4 pound babies I once held.

Eating: At 5 1/2 months they started going through this crazy growthspurt. I was preparing to start solid foods, so I could introduce them at 6 months old. I knew I wanted to do Baby led weaning, so we started the day after their 6 month birthday. I knew Baby led weaning was not something they were going to catch onto right away, but I had high hopes that they would be getting a little bit of food, so they could cut back on at least one feeding from me. Well that did not happen. 1 week into Baby led weaning, I switched them to purees so I could spoon feed them, again in hopes of being able to cut back on breastmilk. I know that solid foods are not supposed to be the babies main source of nutrition before the 1st year; however, through this growth spurt they were wanting to eat every 1.5 and my milk supply had not yet caught up. Just a couple of days, and a lot of “power pumping” for me, later my milk supply adjusted to their growth spurt. I thought purées would be easier than baby led weaning, but the twins did not do well with spoon feeding, so it would be something they would have to learn overtime. Rather than teaching, and getting used to spoon feeding I decided to go back to BLW, that way I was only having to teach them one method of feeding! After 1 week of being back on BLW Harlow really had the hang of it, Myles not so much. (I will do a separate post on our Baby LED Weaning experience) Fast forward to today, a couple weeks later, and they are rocking solid foods. Unfortunately, because of the growth spurt I am having to do a lot more pumping and a lot less nursing. I was nursing before bed and giving them a bottle when they woke up, so about every 1.5 – 2 hours, and I was so sore. I found that if I just pumped every three hours, and they took that in a bottle I was able to give them more at a time, and give my nipples a break! So I am pumping every 3 – 4 hours, they get 7 4-5oz bottles, and 1 nursing session. I tried giving them closer to 8oz in their bottles, so they could just do 4 bottles/day, but they wouldn’t take that much.

Sleep: During this growth spurt that started about 1.5 months ago Myles randomly one night woke up crying. I knew his cry meant he was hungry, so I fed him. Of course since then he wakes up expecting that 3 a.m. feed, why wouldn’t he?! and I am happy to give it to him. I have no other complaints about it, because he goes right back to sleep, until 6:30 without a fuss. Plus, I love the one on one time with him, because I am so used to tandem feeding, and not nursing as often. Harlow sleeps 11-12 hours without making a peep. 🙂 They take three naps/day. The 1st two are 1.5-2 hours, and the last one is a catnap, it last about 1 hour.

Development: Every new skill they learned within 2-3 days of each. That is until, recently, when Myles started crawling. I was really surprised that he took off first, because all of the other milestones he has followed after Harlow. Myles is getting around by army crawling, and likes to hold himself up on his toys. Harlow is satisfied just laying on her back, or side, but especially loves standing up with our assistance. They are both really good at sitting up, and that position keeps them the happiest.

Schedule: Here is a look into our everyday routine…

6:30 – Wakeup and a bottle

7-8:00 – Playtime

8:10 – Bottle & Book

8:30-10:00 – 1st nap

10:10- Bottle


10:45 – 1st solid

11:30 – Bottle & Book

12-1:30 – 2nd nap

1:40- Bottle


2:30 – 2nd solid


3:30 – Bottle

4:00-5:00 (usually try to keep it a shorter nap)

5:30 – Nurse

5:45-6:30 – Playtime

6:45 – Bath

7:00 – Bottle & Book

7:30 – Bed

Thank you for reading my 6 month twin update! 😊

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