9 Month Update

Now that Harlow and Myles are 10 months old I thought it was only fitting to share their 9 month update. 😉

I have been trying to do an update on them every 3 months, for at least the 1st year, and I can’t believe another 3 months have gone by.

Eating: We started baby led weaning when the twins were 6 1/2 months old, and just like learning any new thing, it was a challenge. However, we stuck it out, and here we are to say it is GREAT! (I’m still working on a blog post about BLW)

They eat solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and  about 4  (6oz.) bottles throughout the day.

Sleep: I will say it over and over again, but sleep training our babies was the best decision we could have made, and with each passing month it proves itself to us. You can read my blog post on sleep here.We keep the twins on a very strict, and consistent schedule which is proven to help your baby sleep better, and it has!

We just transitioned them from 3 naps to 2 naps. I knew they were ready for this change because the last nap was always a hit or a miss, but I hung onto it for a while because some days they really needed that extra 30 minutes of sleep.

They either take a 2 hour nap in the morning and a 1 hour nap in the afternoon, or 2 1.5 hour naps. Either way they usually will need at least 3 hours of sleep during the day. At nighttime they will sleep 10-11 hours.

They are both sleeping without their SnuggleMe beds, and transitioned a lot better than we thought they would. It took about 1 night and 1 nap for them to fully adjust to the change.

They sleep in their Love to Dream swaddle, which acts as a self soother for them as well as a blankie.

They will grab the end of their swaddle blanket to put themselves to sleep. I use the swaddles, because I do not want to give them a loose blanket yet, so the swaddle blanket is a safer version of that. I definitely think that has helped them continue to sleep well, because who wouldn’t sleep poorly without a blanket?

When we removed their SnuggleMe beds we gave them a lovie to hold onto, but they still prefer to grab their swaddles.

Development: In month 9 the babies have learned an incredible amount of new things. Around the end of 6 months they really started developing at different times. Harlow is more advanced in fine motor skills, and social skills; whereas, Myles is more advanced in his gross motor skills.

Myles is pulling up on EVERYTHING which makes my day a lot busier!!!! He is taking assisted steps, which means my baby will be walking soon.

Harlow is crawling around like crazy, and is just starting to pull herself up as well.

It is so much fun to watch the twins learn new things, but in different ways. For example, when Myles started crawling he learned by army crawling, and pulling his body across the floor. Harlow, on the other hand, will get up on her hands and knees.

We have been baby signing since 6 months old, and Harlow learned two signs this month! (Milk, and all-done) It was really encouraging for me to finally see progress with signing. For so long I felt like it was pointless, or that they weren’t understanding it, but they will definitely pick up on it! Practice makes perfect! She can also wave, clap and say mama and dada.

Favorites: A few of their favorite things right now are books! (noisy farm) Whenever they are fussy I just read them a book, and they love it!!

Myles carries around his favorite stacking cups. But of course no matter how many of the same toys I have they always want the one the other has. It never fails!!


6:30 – wake up + bottle

7-8:00 – playtime

8:15 – breakfast

9:00 – book

9:30 – 11:30 – nap

11:45 -bottle

12:30 – lunch

1-2:00 – playtime

2:15 –  book

2:30-3:30 (4ish) Nap

4:30 – bottle

4:45-5:30 – playtime

5:45 – dinner

6:20 – bath

7:00 – bottle + book

7:20 – bed

Thank you so much for reading my 9 month update on Harlow and Myles!! 🙂

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