12 Month Twin Update

I can not believe my babies are already 12 months old! 😥

We had so much fun celebrating their 1st birthday last week!

Here is an update on Harlow and Myles including what they eat, how they sleep, and what they have learned leading up to this age! 🙂


Harlow and Myles have yet to come across a food they will not try. I owe that to Baby Led Weaning. Of course they do have their favorite foods. Harlow loves tomatoes and Myles could eat an entire package of blackberries in one meal. I am pretty consistent in offering the same foods, because I know what they really enjoy.

However; after completing the 100 different foods in 100 days, a few months ago, I still try and offer them something new at least one time each week.

At breakfast time we choose between foods like scrambled eggs with shredded cheese, and Italian seasoning, fruit (either blueberries, strawberries, or a banana), toast with butter, muffin, pancakes, and yogurt.

At lunch & dinner time we go back and forth between our family favorite recipes which include, chicken, bacon, ranch pasta, broccoli rice casserole, garlic and herb cheese pizza, crack chicken, million dollar spaghetti, and crockpot lasagna. We will serve these meals with a vegetable, and fruit, and then they usually will eat a graham cracker when they are finished.

Milk: We just got the all clear, at their 12 month checkup, to only give whole milk. We are offering 4 bottles a day, morning, before each nap, and bedtime. We will slowly start to remove those, ending with the evening bottle. Instead, we will be giving them vitamin D whole milk in their straw cup at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also offer one cup of water each day.

Sleep: They are consistently sleeping 11 hours at nighttime. (7:30-6:30) With two naps during the day. (10:30-12:30) & (4:00-5:00) That will vary depending on the day.

Sometimes they will take two 1.5 hour naps, and one 2 hour nap in the morning, and a 1 hour nap in the afternoon. Regardless they will sleep 3 hours during the day.

I was looking into removing their morning nap. However, I kept reading to move the nap back before removing it completely, and that has worked really well, so I started by pushing it back an hour just a couple of weeks ago, and now they are back to sleeping their normal amount.

Development: It is so much fun watching two babies, who are the exact same age develop so differently.

At about 7 months old, when Myles started crawling they were developing at almost the exact same time. Now Harlow is more developed in fine motor skills, where as Myles is more developed in gross motor skills.

Harlow will sit and listen to me when I am teaching her new things. Myles on the other hand is always on a mission, and does not like to sit still. ( I think that’s the boy in him)

Harlow has shown great development in memorization, single finger pointing, and pincher grasp.

Myles is always the one to lead the way in any new physical developments. He was the first one to sit up, crawl, cruise furniture, climb stairs, and stand alone. However, he is not walking yet, and now that Harlow has caught up to him I am predicting they will take steps at the same time.

Despite their differences in development they do have a lot of similiarities as well.

They both love snuggling, and giving kisses. They enjoy taking their toys away from each other, but they always share food with each other. They are babbling like crazy, and I know they are dying to say their first words, other than Daddy and Mom.

They have both done really well with baby signing. We started doing that around 9 months old, and Myles has just recently caught on this month. They can both sign “All done,” “milk,” “more,” and we are working on “please,” and “thank you.”

They are little hams when it comes to “So Big,” and clapping on demand , as well as waving hello, and goodbye.

Harlow is 30 inches tall, and Myles is catching up at 29 inches. The last appointment we went to (3 months ago) they were about 2 inches apart.

They both weigh 22 pounds, and are wearing size 18 month clothing.

Myles was born with a small click in his hip from being a breeched baby, and that has completely vanished.

Harlow was born with a slight heart murmur, commonly found in premature babies, and that is very faint now. As a result she was cleared from her heart doctor, with just one more check up before she heads off to college.

We have been very blessed with such healthy babies!

Thank you so much for reading my 12 month update on Harlow and Myles.

It has been one amazing year!! 🤗❤️



2 thoughts on “12 Month Twin Update

  1. Congrats on getting through this first year! They are beautiful babies. Love your IG and your marriage goal for this year! My BG twins are 8 months this weekend!


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