Birth Story Part 2

Around 2:00 a.m. on February 8 I was fully dilated, and wheeled into the operating room to begin pushing. By the time the extra nurses were in order, and Alex was scrubbed in an hour had already passed.

Within 10 minutes of pushing I was pulling Harlow ReNee Kaylenn out and placing her on my chest. She was the most perfectly pink, premie baby the doctors had ever seen!

But the fun doesn’t stop there 😉🤣

Alex had his back turned away from me while I was pushing because of his phobia of blood. The last thing we needed was for him to pass out so after I gave birth to Harlow we both were relieved, and quite frankly surprised, he made it through, but we spoke too soon!!! I looked over and asked him how he was holding up, and apparently he saw a tiny streak of blood on Harlow, and fainted. As the nurses were tending to my pale green husband who was lying on the floor of the O.R. my doctor was checking in on baby b.

That is when the terror sets in.

Unfortunately with all of the room that baby b now had,  he started wiggling around and got himself all wrapped up in his umbilical chord- and his heart rate was dropping FAST!!

As Alex was helped up off the floor I was being hoisted up onto the operating table. This was my greatest fear, (vaginal birth & c-section) and what my doctor had told me was very unlikely to happen. I prayed that I would not have to have a c – section, but as a mother you want what is the best for your child, and I only wanted him to be safe and in my arms.

The memories I have of my c section are very blurry, but no matter how drugged you are you definitely don’t forget a traumatic experience like that. I was so exhausted from the nausea and vomitting I had experienced throughout my entire labor that I could barely keep my eyes open.

As my doctor was prepping my abdomen for surgery I remember him placing the scalpel on my tummy several times to see if I had any feeling. After hearing a  lot of shouting at the anesthesiologist, and a 4th attempt my body was numb. It seemed like hours had passed, but within minutes sweet Myles Alexander James was born.

I did not get to peek at him or have any sight of him for the first 6 hours. Once his oxygen levels were controlled he joined us in our hospital room for the remainder of our stay. ❤️

Thank you so much for reading our birth story. ❤️

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