When I started changing all of our household products over to clean products the kitchen was the first place I started. I wanted it to be a slow, gradual process. I went to where we spent a lot of our time, and, most importantly, where our food is prepared!! Branch Basics: All Purpose Cleaner, and [...]

18 Month Update

My rainbow babies are officially 18 months old today, and it is so bittersweet! 🥰 This age is SO much fun, and my favorite stage yet, but where did my tiny newborns go? I am not quite sure where the last 1.5 went, but we have made tons of memories, and taken plenty of pictures to [...]

Birth Story Part 2

Around 2:00 a.m. on February 8 I was fully dilated, and wheeled into the operating room to begin pushing. By the time the extra nurses were in order, and Alex was scrubbed in an hour had already passed. Within 10 minutes of pushing I was pulling Harlow ReNee Kaylenn out and placing her on my [...]