Easter Basket

I always received Easter Basket's growing up, so I want to continue that for my babies! Even though they are not old enough to believe in the Easter Bunny, it gives me a good reason to spoil them! 😉 1 .Little Blue Truck's Springtime  - If you are anything like us we love all of [...]

Inside My Diaper Bag

1.  Diapers : We love Parasol diapers!! We used the Honest Company before they were able to fit into Parasol diapers, and they had three blowouts in those 4 weeks. We have been using Parasol since they were 1 month old, and they have not had a single leak! My second choice would be Pampers Pure. 2. [...]

12 Month Twin Update

I can not believe my babies are already 12 months old! 😥 We had so much fun celebrating their 1st birthday last week! Here is an update on Harlow and Myles including what they eat, how they sleep, and what they have learned leading up to this age! 🙂 Eating: Harlow and Myles have yet [...]

Baby Led Weaning

We have been using the Baby Led Weaning method for nearly 6 months, and everyday I feel like one of us learns something new. When I first started hearing about BLW I was skeptical. I had so many questions: "How can they chew on pieces that are that big!?" "Will they be able to do [...]

9 Month Update

Now that Harlow and Myles are 10 months old I thought it was only fitting to share their 9 month update. 😉 I have been trying to do an update on them every 3 months, for at least the 1st year, and I can't believe another 3 months have gone by. Eating: We started baby [...]

Sleep Training

Before the babies were born hearing the word sleep training always sounded intimidating to me. The first thing that came to mind when I heard it is letting your baby "cry it out." However, once I started reading, what seemed like, an endless amount of successful sleep training stories, articles and methods I knew we [...]