Baby Led Weaning

We have been using the Baby Led Weaning method for nearly 6 months, and everyday I feel like one of us learns something new. When I first started hearing about BLW I was skeptical. I had so many questions: "How can they chew on pieces that are that big!?" "Will they be able to do [...]

9 Month Update

Now that Harlow and Myles are 10 months old I thought it was only fitting to share their 9 month update. 😉 I have been trying to do an update on them every 3 months, for at least the 1st year, and I can't believe another 3 months have gone by. Eating: We started baby [...]

3 Month Update

Three months old?!?ALREADY?! The days fly by. I feel like I blink and another month passes. A lot has happened the last three months. Their little personalities are starting to show themselves, they are learning so much, and gaining weight like champs! Now I understand how much a baby grows and changes, in such a [...]